Coffee delivery in Broward and Miami… from Sweden!

Coffee delivery in Broward and Miami… from Sweden!

Coffee delivery in Broward and Miami… from Sweden!

Our office coffee service is a relative newcomer to South Florida, but we are a European import with a record stretching back to 1988. We actually got our start in Gothenburg, Sweden more than 30 years ago. And, for those of you who might not have known this, a coffee break in Sweden is serious business.  

In Sweden, a coffee break is called fika and it’s an important tradition. In addition to drinking coffee, fika involves socializing and nibbling on something sweet.

As Sweden’s official website says, “Fika is much more than having a coffee. It is a social phenomenon, a legitimate reason to set aside a moment for quality time. Fika can happen at any time, morning as well as evening. It can be savoured at home, at work or in a café. It can be with colleagues, family, friends, or someone you are trying to get to know. It is a tradition observed frequently, preferably several times a day.”

In fact, this tradition plays such an important role in Swedish culture that Swedes prefer not to translate the word. “They don’t want it to lose significance and become a mere coffee break,” the website explains. “It is one of the first words you will learn when visiting Sweden, right after tack (thank you) and hej (hello).”

Spending quality time with the people in your life is one of the essential aspects of fika. According to Sweden’s website, there’s more. “Accompanying sweets are crucial,” they report. “Cinnamon buns, cakes, cookies, even open-faced sandwiches pass as acceptable fika fare.”

As you might imagine, considering the important role fika plays in Swedish culture, the Swedes drink a lot of coffee. In fact, according to the World Atlas rankings of the Top 10 Coffee Consuming Nations, Sweden comes in at number 6.  

The Top 10 Coffee Consuming Nations, according to the World Atlas are:

  1. Finland
  2. Norway
  3. Iceland
  4. Denmark
  5. The Netherlands
  6. Sweden
  7. Switzerland
  8. Belgium
  9. Luxembourg
  10. Canada


The United States came in at number 25, according to the World Atlas rankings. We have faith in you, though! That’s why we decided to bring our expertise and our coffee company to Florida.  For more information about our distinctive coffee solutions for offices in Miami-Dade and Broward counties – or about the Swedish tradition of fika – please contact us.

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