Services offered at The Coffee Company in Florida

Services offered at The Coffee Company in Florida

Services offered at The Coffee Company in Florida

The Coffee Company in Florida specializes in organic coffee and coffee machines perfect for all types of businesses. They offer a wide array of services that are perfect for those in need of coffee, delivery, and machines. Here is a look inside the services provided at The Coffee Company.

Organic coffee

The most popular service we offer is the availability of our organic coffee. Our coffee is whole bean coffee that has been naturally grown and sourced. Organic farming is safer for the environment, and we pride ourselves on offering organic Puro coffee and Fairtrade coffee for our clients. We know how important your health and the environment are, so we are proud to other them.

Coffee machines

Another popular service we offer is our unique coffee machines. We work with businesses such as offices, cafés, hotels, special event coordinators, and more to figure out which of our coffee machines would be best for their needs. We offer free delivery on the coffee machine, and free installation as well. We have a variety of coffee machines that range from the serving capacity of 10-50 people and up to 500 people.

Coffee delivery and machine delivery

On top of our amazing organic coffee and coffee machines, we offer free delivery. That means we will bring the coffee and the machine to you. We offer free installation, so all you have to do is work with us to find out which coffee machine will fit your needs, order your organic coffee, and wait for us to arrive with your order. We take all the hard work out of the equation, so you get to relax and enjoy a great cup of our coffee provided by one of our spectacular coffee machines.

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